Jack Henrie Fisher

is a graphic designer, writer, publisher, and teacher who works within and across a variety of technical platforms and institutional spaces.

Here's some of his design work.

He is a partner, with Alan Smart, in Other Forms, an office for design and publishing. Find our books everywhere!

Jack edits, designs, and publishes the extra-disciplinary multi-form design journal Counter-Signals. Issue #2 Hieroglyphs of the Anti-Commodity is now available, here!

Jack also produces, with Gene Booth, a fanzine about constitutional intersections of writing and music, called Dum Ditty Dum. A long form illustrated history, titled The Prison-House of Rock is in preparation.

Jack is an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he teaches classes on typography, publishing, the internet, politics, and other things.

Jack is currently at work on an essay about the historical antagonism of the print medium with its commodity form.

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