Jack Henrie Fisher

is a graphic designer and writer who works within and across a variety of publishing platforms and institutional spaces. He is a partner in the multi-disciplinary design and publishing collective Other Forms. Most design work since 2013 can be found under that name. An archive of earlier work can be found here. Jack seeks in each instance of practice to locate or invent a position from which the graphic designer is compelled, or compels another, to speak. Jack edits and designs the extra-disciplinary multi-form design journal Counter-Signals. It’s published by Other Forms. Issue #1 Militant Print / A Form Oriented to its Own Circulation is now available, here! A new platform for out-takes, rejected sketches, and previously unpublished what-have-you’s is under construction. More about that later. Shadow institutional affiliations include the Office of Recuperative Strategies and JVE A. Jack edits, with Gene Booth, a blog about constitutional intersections of writing and music, called Dum Ditty Dum. Books may also be produced. More about that later, we hope. Jack is an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he teaches classes on typography, publishing, the internet, and other things. Other actions and concepts, including full communisation, may come to appear, here and elsewhere, or not. I write slowly, I mean he writes slowly, on books as commodity forms and hardcore abstraction.

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