Imogen Stidworthy
Published by Matts Gallery, London, and Jan van Eyck Academie, 2012
256 pp, 170 x 230 mm, perfect bound paperback, edition 1500

In (.) Imogen Stidworthy considers the borders of language. Approaching the voice as sculptural material, she questions how we are positioned through our voices, and how we use them to locate ourselves physically and culturally. (.) is developed in close dialogue with designer Jack Henrie Fisher and interweaves images and text related to Stidworthy's artistic research, with contributions by eight artists and writers. The sign (.) is used by transcribers to indicate a pause in speech of less than half a second. In (.) it doubles as a sign for the tension with which the book works, between transparency and opacity, in the face of linguistic and cultural difference, and conditions such as aphasia and post-traumatic stress syndrome. (.) includes essays on the inner voice, the seductive voice, accents, dubbing and the ghosting of language.

With contributions by Caroline Bergvall, Steven Connor, Mladen Dolar, Werner Feiersinger, Aglaia Konrad, Alphonso Lingis, Willem Oorebeek and Mikhail Yampolsky.
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