This cover lists the first 250 or so results of a series of internet searches for the phrase "design versus", —i.e. it lists those antinomies which animate design discourse by pitting design against an adversary either within its own disciplinary sphere or without.


text and image dialectic
small database

collection of phrases alphabetically ordered?

aleatory principle:
position, typeface, size

table of contents, pointing elsewhere


blog comments

book within a book
in through the out door
inside book on the outside


catalogue of images

how to defeat captcha systems
(what is the new technical composition of the proletariat?

captcha identifies human from computer
machine writes a word only a human can read
(and incidentally creates an incentive or method to develop computer intelligence)

alphabet to distinguish humans and computers
image / text index

Agonistic Design

Design Issues, Fall 2010, Vol. 26, No. 4