Biking out of the center of the city I encountered a building which appeared at once contemporary and abandoned — indeterminate, a school, perhaps, or a government center, or a converted art space, or something else. At the street level the walls of the building were covered in layers of graffiti, in contrast to the buildings around it.

I circled the building, starting from the north side. I transcribed every letter I could decipher along each wall, from left to right and top to bottom. My reading was mediated by the expressive illegibility of the script styles, as well as by the layering of words between and across other words — and above all by my unfamiliarity with Italian morphemes. In this publication, the transcription of the building into type subtracts every formal surplus to set the letters together in a single paragraph.


words that can be read

the form of legal space legal documents
(something that can be erased)

put text thru a reading procedure to determine legible words


part of no part
community (linguistic community)
the installation of stage in which a speech can be contested
those without a part can only make noises, sounds, not speech
a stage exists for an interlocutor who can’t see it.
imagine a condition, contra the police order, of noise/sound given the place the stage of speech (but makes this noise intelligible)
how to convert a communication path into this public stage

render visible the noise at the margins (or in the center)

speech act situations
(can a poster constitute a speech act?)

the language of problems and the language of commands

“do you understand?”

2 sense of logos, to speak and to give an account of what is spoken

the proleteriat responds by saying, we understand that you are lying when you deny there is a common language.

construct language hybrids, italian english

list all the things which are not permitted

monumental typography (vs conversational...

include the things that are already there, the famous things of florence, in conversational idiom, typography

official image of florence

governance discontinuity b/w center and peripheral zones

what are the boundaries (i.e. restrictions) articulate the center?

input for noise ...?

image / text index

223 Via Masaccio

Legal Disagreements / Disaccordi Legali
Villa Romano, Firenze, IT

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