472 pp, 19 x 25,4 cm, hardcover, linen with screenprint in white, german binding

a note on the typography

These writings were made in the year 2009, in the course of an impossible project to transcribe every public utterance at the Jan van Eyck Academie.
The transcriptions proceed chronologically and according to two techniques. 
The first, set in times regular, is constrained by the time of the speech. This transcription is made in real time, and captures whatever the constraint allows in the attention of the listening and writing subject, usually human. Words are necessarily elided. The line is cut precisely where the writer can’t remember the next word in the sequence of what is spoken.
The second technique, set in times italic, finds a word for every sound that is conventionally mapped to a word. This writing takes place extremely slowly; it must pause the speech and rewind it again and again. This transcription is then cut into lines measured by six words.
Within the lines of each technique a further register is marked, in times bold: those words that are spoken in the voice of another, from direct citation to the curious statements one makes in the voice of an imaginary interlocutor.
Cuts in the speech, when its continuous transcription stops, are marked by a black line. Black pages, as a surplus effect of these cuts, are distributed aleatorically.

The words already have a more or less clearly reflected individual expression, which is determined by the unrepeatable individual context of the utterance.
 This context has been subtracted.
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Language Too


thoughts actions etc

from which everything follows

occupied positions

the last one was the key

concern about it very looming sort

this kind of this kind of understanding 


it’s more to see other things

try to follow the written words

thoughts we just write them down

there is no other content

exactly the same site

all of a sudden I was very struck

people just change their minds continuously

what is the intention

at the same time things really fit together

a book by the way

there are different ways of doing this

was that the footage of the actual camera?

proceed to the mutation itself

it against its own order quote

all these attempts I want to

and then talk about the two together

the whole basis

what succeeds is verbs in the infinitive

the letters that I write at random

is much more than that

thoughts actions etc

one is always forced to think

writing without knowing the direction where

of the inclination and I’m not

it’s very easy to tear it to pieces

that are there for this for

this field can extend

exactly and every word is going

is folded in this book it


every line and then he left

as of course as the sense

we understand that

it’s almost like an island

like to approach the idea of

limited to everything

I never expected so many people

and this is actually what we see all the time

he needs to guarantee that conception 

number of fields certainly to people

not having access at the moment to the other ones

I had to write down the

we tried to cut it and fold it together

it looked at it and said

on both sides of the equation

at the same time there’s a

I don’t know who has said it 5 minutes ago

work with us also we work

the idea is to get rid of them

the formulas that were used to

I wasn’t there all the time

because he’ll never find words that

act resulting from it

I’ve lectured on this word

we’ll have much more let’s say

I see much less than this

the circulation of of these manuscripts

the main difficulty here

I don’t know who has said it 5 minutes ago


well explain that

suddenly when are you talking now

I should say

thoughts actions etc

we tried to cut it and fold it together

the sentences could be won from

are encumbered with a unique and nonreproducible

like the old magician’s trick like

he takes elements of thinking out

even occupy that same place

I don’t know who has said it 5 minutes ago

one is always forced to think

that’s why I can say what I have to say

the entire book

what would count as a mistake

after that scene he is indeed able to act

the idea that we have of ideas

to whom does it belong

speech but each conversation is a

speaking is the last the last

there is not even once a

appearing at a certain place

you have to listen to that voice

the practice by which

thought starts and where

the most striking

the idea that we have of ideas

you can say that is a more technical reason

here also

writing without knowing the direction where

a remark

a mark by the forces

we wish to reply

it’s not in any way prepared

not property even of any other

what is not presentable

it’s impossible to

I’d very much like this work

in the ok I have more

at one moment or another

it has its force because it is not a structure

pen any starts writing this story

I don’t know if other people want to talk 

I was thinking another thing

in his own words

to produce statements

book bits and pieces I use

at the same time there’s a

what I could talk about that

it was not an accident