American Institute of Architects
This booklet documents a conference on sustainability in architectural practice and education held at Cal State Pomona on Feb 27, 2007. Participants there presented texts on the state of the curriculum and then assembled into five teams to brainstorm and diagram curricular possibilities and imperatives.

Reading transcripts of the texts delivered there, a striking fact emerged — a prevalence of statements in the obligative mood, statements that carry the sense of necessity, statements that begin:
We need to…
We must…
It is time to…
We should…

This document enumerates the ninety-two statements of obligation located in the texts, alongside the team statements and diagrams made afterwards. Every call to action is underlined. Together as an assemblage these pages propose multiple answers to the challenge of what must be done to concretize sustainabilty in architectural education and practice.

Completed at Studio/lab.
Jacob Chartoff redrew the architects' diagrams.
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What Must Be Done?